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I got cute folders for school but they say Teen Vogue on the inside which is a problem because I am neither

My original plan was to cover the logo with masking tape as a label and write the class on that but I can’t find masking tape and am too afraid of the dark to go to the basement so I decided to use white first aid tape and I mean, it wasn’t ideal, but I think it might work.


there should still be a link on my page

I was mostly joking about it, but  maybe I’ll actually open up an hour for readings tomorrow?

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Send me a dollar and I’ll do a 3 card tarot reading for you

That’s not true.

I’m the only one in the store who knows anything about typewriters so on Monday, I helped a customer order one. It came in today and she came in to pick it up and I ended up teaching her how to use it. She had a Smith-Corona that was on the fritz and we got her a Brother one. It’s electric and therefore probably a pain in the ass but I ended up looking up how to use it the other night so I’d be prepared today.

On the one hand, A+ for me because she’s probably going to come back so we can fix her computer, but on the other hand, it kept me from ringing (which is actually what I’m hired to do, not help people with typewriters) and as a result one of the MODs had to ring. Which—not cool. But I did do something today.

Also, I started working on a journal notebook thing that is going to be like a smaller scale of my scrapbook with a slightly different purpose, too. So I did that. 

And again I’ve felt like I’ve done nothing all day

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Page 1 of an aesthetics notebook

Nightfall | July 2014


Moon, 2013.
Pawel Uniatowicz


Selected works from Natalya Lobanova.

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