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Ruud van Empel - World (2005)


Art is just another form of screaming


ok ill keep this short

hi im ezra im a trans disabled twenty something trying to make it on their own ive been job hunting for 6 months with little luck so far and im pretty much at the end of my money

i dont have enough for rent this month and if i dont pay rent im out

i need $450 for rent by the end of october (plus another $50 for gas/electric and a ltitle more for food would be nice) and id really appreciate it if anyone could help me out

please if you can donate some $$$ to paypal account and if you cant donate can you boost this

ok thanks

I’ve been relatively absent lately, but it’s been because I am disgustingly busy and driving myself into the ground. That being said:

  • I plan on writing fic in the next week to get myself back into the productive spirit of writing because
  • I am going to be doing NaNo this year (again) and hopefully this time I’ll finish and it’ll be something I like.


you:  tries to roast me with a lame yo mama joke

me:  looks you up on, finds out that your great grandmother was banished from her lithuianian village because no one liked her, writes a six page allegorical story that roasts your great grandmother, then reads it to your significant other to get them to despise you


Apparently, I fought well.